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Space Design

A creative mind for an unusual space.

SpaceDesign is the creative mind of Sophie Aurelie Eloy and a crew of collaborators Set Decorator Sophie Aurelie, began her career in the film Industry and since then, every space she conceptualises and creates, tells a story. Space Design’s goal is to transform a space to fulfill its purpose, giving it a particular ambiance and personality of its own. With a background in set decoration for the film industry, Sophie Aurelie sees a story for every space she is assigned to. To a point of creating one if needed. She conducts a meticulous analysis of each client or business, its personality, the product or service to be sold, the clientele to be reached, and the location. Space Design creates an atmosphere that generates curiosity, good vibes and a success story every time. Sophie Aurelie’s style is all about detail, not necessarily following fashion trends but surely looking to please the eyes. Not afraid of colors, or breaking the rules of aesthetics, Space Design is always looking for harmony so anyone stepping into the space will feel welcomed and at ease. Space Design puts passion into every project, dedicating a great amount of time in designing, finding, building and decorating to achieve the ideal mood.

SpaceDesign is the creative ingredient for any successful business.